I am Jay Draco. I love metal, Norse history and heathenry, and sometimes I draw stuff. 
Here we are, thirty-five years after Black Sabbath first played the ‘Devils Note’. Metal culture is still thriving, a new generation of fans has emerged, and the Old Guard is going strong. But I set out on this journey to answer one question: Why has Heavy Metal been consistently stereotyped, dismissed, and condemned? It has become clear to me that metal confronts what we would rather ignore. It celebrates what we often deny. It indulges in what we fear most. And that’s why metal will always be a culture of outsiders… Ever since I was twelve years old I’ve had to defend my love for heavy metal against those who say it’s a lesser valid form of music. My answer now is that you either feel it or you don’t. If metal doesn’t give you that overwhelming surge of power and make the hair stand up on the back of your neck, you might never get it. And you know what? That’s okay. Because judging by the forty-thousand metalheads around me, we’re doing just fine without you.
Sam Dunn, 2005 (METAL: A Headbanger’s Journey)